What is OldView?

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Interested in travel, places and people?  Ever wonder how things used to look?  Well then the OldView is for you.  Enabling the world to “Re-live a Moment” is our mission.  Conceived by avid travellers curious to experience places as they once were we are now sharing this with you.

The OldView App is free to download on both iPhone and Android devices and easy to use giving you the ability to view historical images on your mobile device from the location where originally taken.  Providing the user with both a map view and list view, it is simple to navigate.  Each photograph is represented by a thumbnail image of the pic with a date and brief synopsis. The search option allows you to enter and City, Suburb or Address to fine tune your search.

The planner option allows you to organise your day’s sightseeing for when you are travelling overseas and not wanting high data usage charges.  You simply log on to OldView whilst you are on wifi, plan your day by sights and locations and off you go.

Once viewing an image you have further options on your screen including share, comment, like, add to planner and read full biopsy of the image.


  • Share which links to your email, mms and any social media on your device
  • Comment allows you to write a comment about the image
  • Add the image to your planner
  • Information provides a detailed blurb about the image
  • Like the image


The second functionality of OldView is contribute.  This allows users an easy means to digitise the millions and millions of historic hard copy images hidden away in family photo albums and shoe boxes.  These old photographs are fragile and captured on paper which will deteriorate over time, and get lost moving house.  By uploading these photographs to OldView you can not only take comfort in the images being preserved forever, but also share these with family and friends using the invite function.

As a contributor you receive notification for all likes and comments of any of the images that you have uploaded.  There are 2 ways to contribute your photographs; either by you scanning the images onto your computer or you taking a photo of the image with your phone, then you decide whether to upload via the website or mobile OldView App respectively.  After the image is uploaded you simply add a title, details, approximate year and location it was taken from.

The OldView App is engaging, informative and easy to use so get on board and “Re-live a moment” with us.

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