The world’s earliest photograph was captured in France in the year 1827. Ever since then, our ever changing world has been documented with countless visual images in the form of photographs.  It wasn’t until 1991 KODAK unveiled the world’s first commercial camera – making it easier for visual memories to be captured and saved for future reference.

In the 164 years after the invention of a camera, our world can be said to have dramatically changed more than the 164,000 years before it.  These changes are well documented with hard-copy photographs, where most of these pictures still live in shoeboxes in our cupboards, or distributed in various online libraries that are not easily accessed.

OldView provides a platform where these photographs can be brought to life and shared with the world from the location they were originally captured – you don’t just share pictures with OldView, you also place them on the map for all to see!


OldView allows an effortless sharing of historical pictures of interest, with the rest of the world, from the exact location they were originally taken.

  • View Geotagged and digitized historical images directly from your mobile device.
  • Travel the globe and let OldView guide you to historical photographs taken nearby.
  • View images-of-interest like historical movie, TV, crime-scene, sporting and important event locations
  • Explore the history and changing landscapes, whilst comparing to the present-day view in front of you
  • Plan ahead and save your favorite sites to avoid data roaming charges
  • Capture and upload your historic photographs for the world to view
  • Receive Likes and Comments from users around the world


Whenever you explore the world using the navigation service of OldView, you get notified by the OldView App whenever you come across a location of historical significance and its corresponding image, subsequently you can view the image on your mobile device and compare with today’s view whilst you stand on the exact location where the image was taken.


The majority of hard-copy photographs taken and collected over the 164 years that preceded the digital era are stored in shoeboxes and cupboards across the globe.  OldView is providing a platform through which many of these can be easily uploaded, digitally protected and shared with the world – ensuring the images live forever.  To upload your historical images, first you’ll need it in a digital format; this can be done by simply snapping your image with a camera, or by scanning onto your computer.

Once you have a digital copy of your image (either on your phone or computer) proceed to the OldView App or OldView web page; locate the upload button and voila!  Your image is uploaded, and afterwards you’d be required to add its approximate location; circa year it was taken and other historical information you know about the photograph.  Receive Likes and Comments from User’s all around the globe and subsequent validation that those shoe-boxed photographs are now being appreciated by the world and will live-on forever.


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